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▲: (human/highschool!stuck) Eridan Ampora, the new kid from Ireland, sat at an empty lunch table. He wore big rimmed glasses, a deep purple hoodie, and a blue scarf. His hair was a light brown and he had a blond streak going along the middle. He had moved to your country because his father found a job at a fishing company. He poked and prodded at his food, not entirely hungry. His first half of the day didn't go too well for him, he was getting made fun of, and now you see him sitting alone, looking quite sad.
▼: Sollux frowned slightly when he saw the new face sitting alone at his usual table. He sat across from the forlorn looking male, setting down his tray gently. "Yo." he offered quietly.
▲: Eridan looked up, slightly startled, "uh...hi", he quickly looked back down, afraid the other boy would make fun of his freckles and his freaky violet colored eyes like the other kids did.
▼: Sollux smirked slightly. "I won't bite, you know, at least not on the first date," He grinned. This kid seemed like he needed a bit of cheering up. "Nam'es Sollux," he offered.
▲: Eridan smiled up at sollux and chuckled slightly, "my name's eridan", his thick Irish accent cut through like a knife.
▼: "Sweet," Sollux mumbled before taking a sip from his water bottle. He smiled back. "I take it the dicks around here aren't treating you too well?" he asked gently.
▲: He nodded slightly, "yeah not the nicest bunch i have met", Eridan gave a soft smile before taking a small bite of his roll.
▼: "Not all of us are like that, don't worry. There's like five kids in this school who will make you feel at home, if that helps any," he smirked before bitting off the tip of his pizza slice.
▲: "that's good to know. so who would those five kids names possibly be", He smiled, showing of almost perfectly straight white teeth.
▼: He grinned, showing off his own teeth a bit. "Myself of course; Gamzee Makara, tall kid lots of hair, almost always stoned, but one of the nicest guys around; Tavros Nitram, kid in a wheelchair, real quiet, loves animals, almost always with Gamzee; Feferi Peixes, really into beaches and water and fish and stuff, kinda loopy, but always there if you need her; and Aradia Megdio, my personal best friend, who should be here any time."
▲: He laughed a bit when he said a guy was stoned, he got a little giddy when he said a feferi girl liked fish and oceans, which was right up his ally so they could possibly be good friends, and then he raised a brow at aradia, "your personal best friend? do you like her?" eridan asked this quietly, he chewed the inside of his mouth, eridan was gay so asking guys about who they liked was always a little bothersome for him.
▼: "We dated once, didn't work out very good, so we just stayed friends," he shrugged.
▲: Eridan nodded as he took a sip of his milk, "so what do you like to do? I am sorta like Feferi, in the sense that i like fish and the ocean because my dad works in fishing, but i personally like photography and theater."
▼: "I work with computers and codes a lot. Got a small home buisness started with it freshman year. It's good getting money doing something I like." he smirked.
▲: "oh wow, you must be pretty smart", eridan looked at sollux now, actually taking in his appearance, he had to admit he looked attractive. He had a nice jaw line and his eyes were beautiful dual colors of one green and one blue. He did have this smart air about him though, like he knew almost everything.
▼: "It's simple once you get a hang of it, really." He shrugged. "It's just like riding a bike I guess."
▲: He nodded slightly but continued to look at sollux, smiling at small features he would notice.
▼: Sollux noticed him looking and smirked. He cocked an eyebrow. "I'm free tonight if you'd like someone to show you around town," he offered.
▲: He blushed slightly as he realized he was basically eying sollux like a piece of cake,"uh...sure", he quickly ran his hand through his hair trying to cover his blush.
▼: Sollux chuckled. before the ringer on his phone went off. He pulled it out of his pocket and looked at the text he received. "Well damn. Guess you won't be meeting Aradia today. Her new boyfriend stole her away from me again," he frowned. "Curse you Zahhak!"
▲: eridan shrugged, "that's fine i guess, what about tavros and feferi?", He looked at sollux again, making sure not to ogle at him.
▼: "Tav and Gamzee probably went off campus for noon like they usually do, and Fef probably went out with her mom for lunch, They always do on Friday. Guess it's only you and me," He smirked.
▲: Eridan looked down, his blush darkening a shade, "", he looked up and gave sollux a smile, his cheeks were a light red.
▼: Sollux grinned. This kid was a cutie. "So, aside from dick teens at this school, you liking the area so far?"
▲: "yeah it's nice here, and now i see some people aren't dicks", he smiled and laughed slightly.
▼: He winked. "Really, as long as you steer clear of the Scourge Sisters, once people get used to you, you'll be fine,"
▲: His cheeks heated up at the wink and he ran his fingers through his hair again, "i'll be sure to keep away from them then."
▼: "You'll know 'em when you see 'em, by the way." He shoved his tray out of the way and folded his arms on the table.
▲: "well...i-i'll keep an eye out then", eridan stuttered when sollux leaned forward, his cheeks darkened a shade and the tips of his ears began to turn red as well.
▼: "Your blush really brings out your freckles," he teased, smirking slyly.
▲: Eridan chuckled , closing his eyes and shaking his head, "heh yeah, i-i know", again he ran his hand through his hair.
▼: Sollux reached up to remove Eridan's hand from his hair gently. "You're making it stick up really bad," he grinned and patted it down gently.
▲: Eridans cheeks were now a deep shade of red, he bit his lip trying to keep a squeak from escaping. He cleared his throat and muttered, "t-thanks".
▼: Sollux ran a thumb over Eridan's cheekbone. "Wanna ditch this joint early? I can show you around to all the cool spots in town before dinner so your daddy dosen't worry and bring out the shotgun," he smirked.
▲: eridans eyes went wide as a shiver went up his spine, he swallowed and hesitantly nodded his head, "uh..s-sure i guess".
/\: eridan

\/: sollux

d'aaaaaaw how adorbs
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